About Institute

The success achieved in the 40-ies and 50-ies by the scientific school of Academician N.N. Semenov, Nobel Prize winner, has put forward chemical kinetics as the division of chemical physics to the frontier of chemical science. To understand the mechanisms of chemical reactions, to know the laws of reaction evolution with time means to govern a chemical process. This idea, originating from the classic works on chain reactions by Semenov’s school, has become the foundation for the development of chemical physics and retains its importance till now. That is why, as an answer to M.A. Lavrentiev’s initiative to create the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences in 1957, N.N. Semenov encouraged Professors V.V. Voevodsky and A.A. Kovalsky to organise the Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion in Novosibirsk (the abbreviated title is ICKC).
Scientific interests of A.A. Kovalsky were related to the combustion of solid fuels, and also to the physics and chemistry of aerosols. The investigation of combustion processes in gases has also become important scientific direction of the Institute. Having immense experience in kinetics, combustion, atomic power engineering, A.A. Kovalsky, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, became the Head of the Institute and worked as its Director since 1957 till 1972. Vice Director was Academician Voevodsky V.V. till his sudden death in 1967. He initiated the investigations of the mechanisms and rates of chemical reactions as the major research areas in the ICKC.

Research areas in ICKC had been completely settled in the 70ies-80ies when Director was Academician Molin Yu.N. (1972-1993). Progress in the field of kinetics was connected mostly with chemical radiospectroscopy, i.e. the application of magnetic resonance to structural chemistry and to kinetics with simultaneous development of theory and experiment for these purposes.